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Part-Time Graphic Design Course in Durban


Graphic design courses in durban

This part-time course will quickly equip you with the professional skillset you need to create compelling graphic design, stunning websites and the ability to design for commercial print.

This mentor-led course has been developed during the training of designers at major design companies such as Hirt & Carter and Sylko -Now it’s available to you.

Only 5 seats remain at Early Bird discounted pricing.  Promo ends in :

15 August 2023
Graphic design courses in durban
Part-time graphic design course in durban


25 Sept *


03 Months


Mon - Wed






On Campus


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is this course for you?

Graphic design courses in durban

If you are a potential graphic and web designer seeking part-time training that will quickly enable you to create stunning designs and websites then Pixel Craft’s Part-Time Graphic course in Durban is for you.

Our Part-Time Graphic course gives you access to the skills, knowledge and tools you need to launch your career in graphic design. No prior experience is required and we’ll equip you with everything you need to get started: from business cards, brand identity and marketing materials, through to packaging designs and websites. During this 3 month part time course, you’ll be working on real world projects that will give you a solid foundation of skills before facing the world of freelancing or employment.

Course Benefits :

Graphic design courses in durban the best course is at pixel craft latop050714pl
Graphic design course in durban animation course
Graphic design course in durban animation course


Graphic design courses in durban

Before you spend your hard earned money and time attending a course, its important you know the design abilities of the instructors as you are entrusting your creative education to them. 

When you study at Pixel Craft you are learning from experienced instructors who can actually do it! All graphic design, web design, animation, photography and video content featured on this site was created at pixel craft.  


what you will learn

Graphic design courses in durban

As the course progresses you will build a marketable skillset, one that is current, valid and sought-after in the graphic design industry.  By the time you graduate you will be able to apply your skills in real-world situations with the confidence and experience to succeed. 

By the end of the course you will be able to :

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5-Star Rated. (283 Reviews)



whats included

Graphic design courses in durban


Printed learner guides


Reference videos (where available)


skill-building exercise files


face-to-face and virtual support


what you will learn

what you will learn

Graphic design courses in durban
Best graphic design courses in durban 1
Graphic design courses in durban smile
Graphic design courses in durban hand

The modules of this graphic design  course in Durban have been carefully developed to ensure you learn all the essential aspects of modern, digital design. You not only will you be learning the industry standard apps but also the design techniques required to create professional artwork that meets the needs of your clients. (Modules are subject to change).

You will learn :

Pixel Craft! You are wasting your time and money learning anywhere else!

We start with learning how to use colour, form, fonts and design principles to create effective design solutions.

The Design Method is the professional workflow that develops a solution from concept to the final design.

Explanation of the integral concepts of CG so that you understand everything from Anti-Aliasing to Z-Ordering.

The Apple mac is the industry standard. In this module we get you to grips with this awesome computer in no time.

Photoshop is the backbone of digital design. We learn how to use Photoshop to create and edit digital imagery

It is the art and craft of conveying a message via artwork

Illustrator is used for the creation of logos, drawings, cards, and illustrations. In this module, you will master it.

Learn how to design for commercial and digital print. We cover everything from spot colours to designing packaging.

In this module we get an introduction to the powerful design suite, Coreldraw

In this module you will learn how to design professional, responsive WordPress websites that work on any device.

Learn how to handle clients in a professional manner, and build your own brand.


required enrolment qualifications

Graphic design courses in durban

Min. Grade

Grade 11


C+ Grade


Basic Literacy




Graphic design courses in durban

value of the modules included


Total Value


R39 600

See Below


R14 900*

Payment Plan Available

Special Promotion Ends :

15 August 2023

R18 900 Thereafter

* Discount only available for the 02 Sept 2023 course. 


Graphic design courses in durban

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* Please note : We reserve the right to postpone or cancel classes should we not make the minimum number to run the course.

Graphic design courses in durban
Graphic design course in durban designer training 2023b
Graphic design course in durban


common questions about this course

Graphic design courses in durban

pixel craft is the best place to learn graphic design

Yes. This course is beginner friendly – no prior design experience is required. 

The entry requirements are matric, computer literacy, C or better in English, and a passion for art and design.

Yes!  No corners are cut, instead we focus on the skills you will actually use in industry.  We don’t waste your time and money on modules that wont make a difference to your career.  

Drawing from our years of industry and training experience we have developed this course to be the best graphic design course in Durban…but don’t take our word for it, google us and read the views from the hundreds of people we have trained.

Youtube is great for a tip or a trick but not the foundation of your career.

The benefit of attending this course is that its a step-by-step structured curriculum led by a certified instructor who is present to guide you in a way a pre-recorded video just can’t.

Would you trust a doctor or a mechanic who learned his profession on Youtube ?

A fairly modern computer / laptop at home, as well as an internet connection

Drawing skills are advantageous but not a prerequisite to doing this course.  Drawing is a skill you will develop as progress.

Yes. Each module has a test and assignment to ensure your competence.

To ensure that each student gets individual attention, we don’t exceed 10 students

Yes. Attendance is essential. Every session builds upon the previous one.

We do our best to ensure our students are supported.

Every module is supplemented with course manuals, video references(where available), practical demonstrations, and revision sessions during which learners actively participate.

Every class has a dedicated Whatsapp group.

If you have passed the tests and met the course requirements then you will be issued a certificate of international Adobe recognition.

  • 15 yrs industry experience
  • 10 yrs instructor experience
  • ND Graphic Design
  • ND Video Technology
  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Adobe Certified Instructor
  • Seta accredited assessor
  • Seta accredited moderator
  • Seta accredited Developer

 Adobe Authorised Training Centre
 Corel Approved Training Partner
 MictSeta Accredited Company

We are regularly contacted by companies looking for students who have successfully completed our training. When these opportunities arise we submit the best students for these positions.

We make no promises or guarantees of job placement.

Graphic design course in durban

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Check out our Graphic & Web design part-time course.


Just some of the reasons why this is the highest rated graphic design course in Durban

Graphic design courses in durban


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graphic design courses in Durban