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Photography course in durban
Best photography course in durban
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Photography Course in Durban


Become a photographer by learning how to confidently shoot and edit professional photos in just 7 Saturdays. (Without camera confusion, photoshop phobia or artistic anxiety)

Graphic design courses in durban


09 November '24


07 Sessions




9am - 1pm




On Campus


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Graphic design courses in durban

Have you been dreaming of becoming a professional photographer?  Learn to be one through this course.

This course is designed specifically to give you the skills and confidence to start your photography business or side hustle. This is all hands-on training in the field with a professional photographer as your mentor who will guide you through the process of capturing and masterfully editing pro-level photos. 

Over the course, we’ll teach you the art and craft of photography but also the business skills you need to communicate effectively with clients and run a profitable photography business on your own terms.

This course is for you if you’re looking for :

the skills you will acquire


Graphic design courses in durban

As the course progresses you will build a marketable photography skillset, one that empowers you to shoot just about any subject matter, from products to portraits. By the time you graduate you will be able to apply your photography skills in real-world situations to build your business, start a side-hustle or enhance your hobby.

By the end of the course you will be able to :


Graphic design courses in durban

what you will learn


Graphic design courses in durban

This introductory module introduces the core concepts of digital photography, and prepares you for the course ahead.

Topics Include

• Understanding Photography
• Camera Settings
• Lenses
• Exposure
• Maintaining Equipment

This field trip gets you started with the basics of shooting, from camera settings to composing portraits.

Aperture Priority
Focal Length
Depth of Field
Auto Focus
Setting Exposure

We expand our knowledge and experience by working with fast-moving subjects, and unpredictable scenes such as spots and events.

Topics Include

Shutter Priority
Motion Blur
Focus Modes
Burst Shooting
Metering Modes

On this field-trip we explore advanced topics as well as working with talent to tell stories with our photos.

Topics Include

Manual Modes
Compositional Techniques
Directing Subjects
Focus Stacking
White Balance

We begin the photo-editing process  with setting up a system to catalog and organise photos.

Topics Include

Intro to Lightroom
Catalog Setup
Selecting Photos
Downloading Photos
Review and Rate

In this module we “correct” exposure, white balance and framing before enhancing colour.

Topics Include

Global Correction
Local Correction
Lens Correction
Colour Correction

In this module we create the final look, retouch portraits and export images to be delivered to the client.

Topics Include

Colour Grading
Presets and Luts
Retouching Tools
Portrait Editing
Exporting Final Photos


R2 906

x 3 payments

Total Fee : R8 720

Special Promotion Ends :


R10 900 Thereafter


Graphic design courses in durban

CAMERA:  To do this course you will need a DSLR / SLR camera.  It should have a mode dial (with letters P, A, S, M).  If you do not have a camera, we have a limited amount camera’s that we hire out for use on practical days  (Rental fee : R900 for the course. Cameras are not to be taken home). If you are unsure about the suitability of your camera for this course please call us on 031 207 3900

EXTERNAL HARDDRRIVE : For the editing module you will need an external hard drive (or at the very least a USB 3.0 disk). 

videography courses

practical, hands-on video production courses in Durban that get you shooting pro-level video in no time.

Graphic design courses in durban

Apart from running the best photography courses in Durban, Pixel Craft also offers hands-on, practical videography courses so that you can shoot and edit video for a wide range of platforms , including social media. Check out Pixel craft’s video production courses in Durban. 

why study with us ?


Graphic design courses in durban
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Learn with hands-on training that gives you the practical experience required for the media industry.

Graphic design courses in durban
Photography course in durban 0019 photography training course in durban 1. 7. 1 1


Pixel Craft instructors are industry experienced professionals, and certified  instructors.

Graphic design courses in durban
Photography course in durban accredited


Established in 2013, Pixel Craft in an Adobe Authorised Training Centre and a Seta accredited company.

Graphic design courses in durban
Photography course in durban professional equipment


Learn on industry standard computers, software, photography and video production equipment.

Graphic design courses in durban
Photography course in durban studio


Pixel Craft labs and studios have been designed to simulate the professional design environment.

Graphic design courses in durban
Photography course in durban compose beautiful shots in studio


We guarantee individual attention and a cohesive learning experience with no more than 12 per class.

Graphic design courses in durban
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Our courses are designed  to prepare you with the knowledge. skills and confidence to succeed in your career in the design industry.

Graphic design courses in durban
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We provide student support via live consults, email and whatsapp so that you don’t fall behind.

Graphic design courses in durban
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We have a vested interest in your success, and will advise at every turn so that you make the best decisions in regards to your creative career.

Graphic design courses in durban
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We are regularly contacted by design companies for graduates. When these opportunities arise, we recommend our best learners for these positions.

Graphic design courses in durban

common questions about this course


Graphic design courses in durban

Pixel Craft’s photography course is rated as the best photography course in Durban.  This course teaches you photography with practical training that ensures you get the skills you need.

You don’t need qualifications per say, but rather attributes such as passion, strong communication skills, creativity, technical know-how and ability to work professionally with subjects.  Pixel Craft photography courses instil these attributes. 


• We prefer to train you on your own  DSLR or mirrorless camera (one that you can change the lenses on). 
• We do have a limited amount of cameras that can be rented for course days (Fees and conditions apply). 
• If you are purchasing a camera we recommend We recommend a Canon DSLR camera such as the Canon 250D.


An external hard drive is required for the editing module of this course.

• Grade 12
• C+ in English
• Computer Literate
• A passion for photography

You do not need prior photography experience.

You will need to be computer literate (operate a computer, internet, save and transfer files, use a keyboard and mouse) as we do not teach computer literacy on this course.

You are required to complete a photography assignment. Certification will not be issued if the assignment is not completed to a level of competency as outlined.

Yes! Every class is a workshop of new concepts and skills. Attendance is critical to your learning.

We do provide course notes, and do review the previous sessions material. If you are absent for valid reason we may allow you to join an upcoming course to complete the course.

Certification will be issued if you have successfully completed the assignments, and have proven your competency. ( We do not give out participation certificates. )

Pixel craft is nationally and internationally accredited . We are an Adobe Authorised Training Centre, and an MictSeta accredited company.

We limit our classes to 1o students so that we there is a high level of interaction and individual attention.


Graphic design courses in durban


Let us know how we can assist you.

graphic design courses in Durban